When you are faced with choosing a supplier for your new cushions, it is crucial not to compromise on quality. We are not only talking about craftsmanship, but also about the choice of materials. The investment in new cushions is significant, so it is crucial to choose well-tested quality products, especially when it comes to cold foam and fabric.

We only use the very best types of leather, which are supplied by Danish Sørensen Læder and CAMO. The price may be higher than others, but in return you get a long-lasting, sustainable product, where the fabric is preserved without wrinkles, distortions or abnormal wear after just a few years of use.
Nyehynder.dk represents the exclusive choice when it comes to cushions for furniture.

Sorensen Leather


DUNES® is an exclusive aniline leather with a natural, raw appearance and an almost velvety feel, achieved through sanding and the use of a special leather oil. The leather has a matte, raw elegance and unique natural marks. Shades vary and the leather develops a beautiful patina over time. Three new earth tones, Ecru, Almond and Stone, have been added to the collection, which has already received the Nordic Swan Ecolabel for environmental friendliness. DUNES® can also be included in the certification for the EU Ecolabel.

See the colors at Sørensen Læder here

CAMO Leathers


Nyehynder.dk has selected TORONTO, which is an enormously delicious aniline leather from CAMO Leathers. The leather type is produced without chrome to reduce the environmental impact. It is the ideal choice for those who want an OEKO-TEX certified leather, approved and certified in all colors.

The OEKO-TEX® certificate guarantees a product that has been tested according to international standards, with around 100 different parameters. The certificate is renewed annually for the safety of the consumer.

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CAMO Leathers


If you want cushions in semi-aniline leather, then BERLIN from CAMO Leathers is a good choice. BERLIN is a full grain semi aniline leather with a nice natural grain.
The rustic surface makes BERLIN extremely suitable for upholstering large sofas for contract as well as the private market.

See the colors at CAMO here

Quality first:

We understand that the choice of textile is crucial for durability and aesthetics. There are countless types of fabric on the market, but at Nyehynder.dk we only go for the best. We have carefully selected textiles that have been thoroughly tested and meet the highest standards. Our products are not only durable, they also have a significantly high lightfastness, which ensures that your cushions remain beautiful and true to color for a long time.

Square – The symbol of quality:

In our pursuit of perfection, we have chosen textiles from Kvadrat as our preferred supplier. Kvadrat is recognized for producing the absolute best textiles on the market, and we believe that our customers deserve the best. Our selection includes fabric variants such as Fiord 2, Remix, Steelcut Trio 3, Hallingdal65, and Rewool. These fabrics are not only chosen for their luxurious appearance, but also for their exceptional durability and comfort.

Wide selection – Your style, your choice:

We understand that tastes vary, which is why we don't just offer a limited selection. In addition to our carefully selected Kvadrat fabrics, we can upholster and cover your cushions in all desired textiles. Your personal style is important to us and we are ready to accommodate your unique preferences. Just send us an email and let us tailor your furniture according to your wishes.

Price and quality in harmony:

We believe that price and quality go hand in hand. At Nyehynder.dk you not only get exceptional quality, but also competitive prices. We want to be the absolute best on the market, and our dedication to both price and quality reflects our ambition.

When it comes to new cushions for your furniture, Nyehynder.dk is your reliable partner. Experience the difference with our exclusive selection of textiles and upholstery solutions – because your comfort deserves the best.

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