About us

Nyehynder.dk anno 2024

Who are we?

Nyehynder.dk consists of Asbjørn and Emil who have worked together since 2018 to supply cushions, restore and build furniture for Danish customers. In 2024, we launched the website Nyehynder.dk with the vision of making professional cushions available to everyone.

Asbjørn is a connoisseur beyond all limits and only the absolute best result is good enough. He is a God-given craftsman and with training as both an upholsterer and a cabinetmaker, we always ensure that the craftsmanship traditions and techniques are correct.

Emil is a 4th generation furniture maker, he has a great flair for furniture upholstery and design. He has run a furniture business in Skanderborg since 2015 and through this has also gained extensive experience in customer management with sales and advice

We want to be the best

Our ambition is to deliver the absolute best product; with the correct craftsmanship traditions and in the best, original materials. We do this at a reasonable price and with a relatively short delivery time.

We have selected a selection of cushions for designer furniture that we are experts in. We are continuously expanding the selection, but for us the most important thing is that we can stand 100% within the products.

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