Why replace your cushions

Why is it a good idea to replace the cushions in old design furniture?

If you want a new color on your classic piece of furniture, it is extremely rarely worth reusing the old foam rubber cushions. If the cushions are original and 2-3 years old, then it might be an idea to reuse. Otherwise, they might be sold on the second-hand market or recycled at the incinerator.

Do cushions and foam rubber wear out with use?

Yes. Especially old cushions or cushions of poor foam quality, but all cushions wear out over time - especially if they are used daily. This is especially true for cushions on furniture such as sofas and chairs. Wear and tear naturally results in wear and tear on the cover, but the foam rubber also loses its load-bearing capacity and gives poor comfort, support and appearance.

Can I reuse the old cushions?
No. it almost never pays off. Old cushions can collect dust, dirt, allergens and even mold over time. Although some cushions can be cleaned, it can be difficult to maintain optimal hygiene, especially if the cushions are very old.

Are there other reasons to replace the cushions?

Sometimes people want to update the decor or change the style of their home or their furniture. Replacing cushions can be a relatively easy and cost-effective way to give a fresh look.

Is it worth replacing the cushions?

It always pays off in terms of comfort and appearance. If you choose to have your cushions made originally and in quality materials by a professional upholsterer, you are guaranteed that the furniture will keep its value and you will get a good result. It is far more sustainable to choose quality the first time, rather than having some poorly made cushions redone. Whether it pays off in relation to the resale value of your furniture is very individual, but if you choose cushions made correctly and in quality materials, you are better protected.

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