Cold foam or springs

Is it worth restoring and reusing the old cushions with spring inserts for the Wegner GE290 models?

The short answer is: " no ".

Below we will elaborate on why:

Do new cold foam cushions provide better comfort than old cushions with springs?

Yes. Cold foam is a modern and advanced type of foam that provides good comfort and support, at the same time as it adapts to the body and then returns to its original shape. The old spring cushions have lost their support and comfort. When restored, they can never achieve the same comfort and properties as the new original GETAMA cold foam cushions that we use.

Are new cold foam cushions more hypoallergenic than old spring cushions?

Yes. Cold foam is also known to be hypoallergenic as it does not attract dust and allergens in the same way that some spring cushions do. This is of course particularly important for people with allergies or asthma. Large amounts of dust can collect in the traditional spring cushions. Typically, the spring cushions are from the 60s or 70s. Back then, you didn't have the opportunity to make good cold foam mattresses, just like you can today. Although the old cushions can be cleaned, it can be difficult to maintain optimal hygiene, especially if the cushions are very old.

Are new cold foam cushions more durable than old spring cushions?

Yes. The modern cold foam is generally more durable and has a longer life than an old spring cushion. Especially if your old spring cushions show signs of degradation, creaks or loss of shape, replacing them with cold foam cushions can provide a longer lifespan. Cold foam generally requires less maintenance than spring cushions. It is less likely to deform over time

Are new original cold foam cushions nicer than old ones?

Yes. If you want to update the look of your furniture and give it a more modern touch, replacing it with new cold foam cushions is clearly the only right thing to do. The cushions will have a much sharper and more uniform look than a refurbished Edipda spring cushion.

Is it cheaper to buy new original GETAMA cold foam cushions rather than restoring the old-fashioned spring cushions?

No. Restoration of spring cushions may be more cost-effective in the short term, but it may not provide the same level of comfort and durability as cold foam in the long term. Thus, in the short term, it will be a cheaper solution to reuse the old-fashioned spring cushions. The old spring cushions are generally well worn and will not achieve the same comfort and appearance as new original GETAMA cold foam cores.

So what should I choose?

Changing to new cushions costs more, but it's all worth it if you appreciate the improved properties that the new original GETAMA cold foam cushions can offer.
In the end, it is a question of how beautiful, uncompromising and sustainable a result you want as a consumer. Because then replacement with new cold foam cushions can be a wise investment.

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