Custom made cushions has the option of custom-making cushions for your project. Below, within 48 hours, you will receive a non-binding offer for a cushion made of the absolute best materials and craftsmanship.

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In recent years, many providers have appeared in relation to sewing loose mattresses for, for example, benches and alcoves. This has given rise to the fact that we want to give the consumer the opportunity to choose the uncompromising option in relation to the craftsmanship and the choice of material.

The cushions are sewn by skilled Danish upholsterers, the fabric comes directly from Kvadrat. We only use the absolute best quality and therefore do not use leftovers, 2nd sorting goods or cheap fabric/leather.

Depending on the thickness of your cushions, they will be glued together in the most constructive and sustainable way in terms of comfort and longevity of the cushion.

If you want a long-lasting solution, it is important that the cushion consists of different layers. We laminate our foam mattresses, so that the mattress has a hard foam core in e.g. granules on which a piling foam is glued. This gives a good weight, stability and ensures that the cushion can keep its shape in the long term. This gives you a firm mattress with good comfort and which at the same time can maintain its elasticity.

All the foam is of course eco-tex and fire retardant.

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